Shipping Terms.
Phxtreme will arrange payment for shipping with the carrier, but such costs are the responsibility of Customer. Risk of loss is upon Customer once Phxtreme delivers the Product to the carrier. Delivery times are estimates only and Phxtreme shall not be liable for delays.

Non-U.S. Net Users
Sales of our products must follow U.S. Commerce Department Regulations and State Department restrictions.

Products sold by Phxtreme may be exported from the United States only in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. All prices shown on our site are in U.S. Dollars by default unless otherwise noted. Diversion contrary to United States law is prohibited. Customer warrants and represents that it is eligible to receive Products under United States law and agrees to abide by any export or re-export restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or publisher.


  1. Please select the correct returns form at the top of this page, fill out the form, and place the form inside the box with the items being returned or exchanged.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation email and invoice once your refund/exchange has been processed.
  3. The exchanged items will be shipped back to you via UPS Ground shipping.