Motocross Action testing our showrrom bike

Our Showroom bike CRF250


Welcome to PHXtreme
The unique motorcycle boutique in Miami
Your shop is really well done and you’ve turn it into
quite a destination for motorheads.” FLMX MAGAZINE
If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you’ve spend a lot of time in motorcycle shops. They are a great place to hang out, largely to socialize with other motorheads and check out the latest toys and accesories you’d like to add to your garage.
Every once in a while you run across a place that adds a bit more appeal to the typical shop, and Phxtreme in Miami is such a place. in addition to having a great selection of all the latest moto gear and accesories they have and amazing motocross memorabiblia collection that rivals anything you’ll see in the sunrise state. Tons of autographed gear and accesories adorn the place, and the riders in the collection represents a who’s who Pro Motocrossers from the past decade or so. There’s also always a few unobtainable bikes on the floor, and one very special that’s in it’s natural place – whipped high above from the entrance! While Phxtreme is becoming something of a destination for motorheads that visit south Florida.

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